Can You Use an Expired Passport for ID?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Dec 6 2022

In the past, U.S. citizens could use expired U.S. passports for direct returns to the country. But as of June 30th, 2022, this changed, and expired passports are no longer valid for international travel. If expired passports are invalid for travel abroad, can you use an expired passport for ID?


Can You Use an Expired Passport For ID?

When your passport expires, it loses its validity as the information available to the government becomes outdated, thus making it unacceptable as a form of ID. That means you cannot use it to travel abroad or for legal transactions like taking out a loan or securing a mortgage on a house.

In these cases, the attorneys and other parties involved would not accept your passport as an ID. In legal transactions, you can also incur fines and penalties for using an expired passport as an ID.

However, there are circumstances where your expired passport may serve to verify details such as your age, citizenship, etc.

So, does an expired passport count as ID? It can verify some of your details, but the passport is invalid. Using it for travel or legal transactions is, therefore, an offense. If your passport has expired, Travel Visa Pro can renew it within days!


Can You Travel Using an Expired Passport?

Your expired passport is invalid and thus unacceptable for domestic and international flights. However, you can use it as a secondary form of ID in addition to other acceptable travel documents.