Do You Need a Passport to Go to Belize?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Mar 4 2022

Belize is a nation present on the northeastern coast of Central America. It is connected with the Caribbean Sea on the east side, Mexico to the north, and has a border aligned west to Guatemala. It reflects a rich history with an excellent diverse society, including different cultures and languages.

The most spoken language in Belize is Belizean Creole, while Spanish comes in second place along with some German dialects, Mayan languages, and Garifuna. It is famous for the September Celebrations, coral reefs, and punta music.

Can US Citizens Travel to Belize?

Yes! Many people search about “Can US citizens travel to Belize?” Or “Can I move to Belize as an American citizen? Traveling to Belize is feasible for Americans with the criteria to travel to this nation by following some travel rules.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Belize?

The passport for Belize is a must-carry item. There are two ways to visit Belize — it’s by plane or by road. First, let’s see the situation for people via airways. If you are from the United States of America, your US passport is a necessary element, and it should be valid for the length of the stay. Complete further information about your return ticket and sufficient funds to cover the price of your visit is vital when you move to Belize.

It would be best to carry your US passport for the people planning to use the land. You will get charged various fees that will depend on the duration of your stay. For example — you want to stay less or more than 24 hours. We hope your doubts about “Do you need a passport to go to Belize?” are solved.

Belize Entry Requirements for US Citizens

No visas are required for US citizens planning a visit of up to 30 days. However, the travel intent is crucial, with enough funds to live in Belize. The Americans who have the idea to stay longer than 30 days must obtain a visa with a passport.
In addition, all travelers and non-Belizean citizens need to pay the departure fees of around US $40. It may involve your airline ticket, so check this before starting your trip with the airline you use.

Here is some more about the Belize entry requirements for US citizens. The people with minor children may get asked by the immigration officials to show the US birth certificate for every child. If the kids are not traveling with their parents, the officials will need the signed document to ensure permission to travel from their parents. Moreover, the documentation of notarized letters will be needed from parents, custody or adoption place, and death certificates in any case where one or both parents are deceased.

Covid-19 Protocol

Entry to Belize is from the international airport and Mexico or the Guatemala land borders. Let’s see the Covid-19 rules:

  • Proof of complete covid-19 vaccination is accepted during the time to enter.
  • Tourists without vaccination/immunization cards asked for an official negative covid-19 test; if you do not have that, you must take the Rapid Antigen Test at the entry to Belize.
  • Unvaccinated travelers should take a Rapid Test at the airport, which will cost about USD$50 for one person.
  • If the test comes back positive, two weeks of quarantine is compulsory at the booked hotel.
  • Every international visitor to Belize is required to purchase travel health insurance.
  • Gold standard hotels or vacation rentals are recommended to stay.
  • Night curfew and wearing masks are mandatory in Belize.

What Is the Currency in Belize?

The official currency in Belize is the “Belize Dollar.” The coins or notes issued by the Central Bank of Belize are only legal to use in the country. It is one of the main things that will help you to stay.

Will My Phone Work in Belize?

In this nation, the significant telecommunication company, Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL), is responsible for providing the services to interact via devices and gadgets. Belize has excellent cellular service across the country and in some marine areas near the main coastal population areas. It uses GSM for cellular communication, so take only GSM mobile to this country.