Do You Need a Passport to Go To St Martin?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Feb 24 2022

St Martin is part of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It comprises of two separate countries, divided between its northern French side called St. Martin, and its southern Dutch side called Sint Marteen. The Island is home to busy resort beaches and secluded coves. It’s also known for fusion cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and duty-free shops selling jewelry and liquor. 


Do You Need a Passport to Go To St. Martin?

US citizens arriving at Princess Juliana International Airport (Dutch side) must have a passport and must fill out an immigration form before arrival. The immigration form is usually handed out on the plane. Before arrival, you will need to know the exact address or where you will be staying on St. Martin.

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Is it Safe to Travel to St. Martin?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Sint Marteen due to Covid-19, indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country. 


Covid 19 protocol

St. Marteen has established a mandatory pre-authorization application through an Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS) for every visitor arriving by air including transits. Without the health pre-authorization, boarding will not be possible. Fully vaccinated travelers must present a vaccination date not more than a year unless a booster shot has been administered before the end of one of the year term. The booster must be at least 14 days old. The Electronic Health Authorization System must still be completed. The date of completion of vaccination must be submitted as well as valid proof of vaccination with official country vaccination card or QR code, full name and name; dates administered, and batch number(s) of vaccines. Check this link for more information:


What Currency Does St. Martin Use?

The two official currencies are the Euro on the French side, and the florin (NAF) or guilder on the Dutch side. However, US dollars are accepted across the Island and are frequently used as currency or reference. There are several currency exchanges and banks with Automated Teller Machines all over the Island. 


Will My Phone Work In St. Martin?

Most phones will not work in St. Martin unless you have a plan with your provider from back home. You can still use your phone in St. Martin because there are many beach bars and restaurants that provide WIFI-access with a purchase of a drink.

Another way is to buy a new chip for your phone, which will give you a limited amount of minutes. A sim card is sold for as low as $25. 

Verizon phones can also work in St Martin. Verizon phones use a GSM network which is used by all major cell carriers in St. Martin including Digicel and Orange. It means that as long as your service provider has roaming agreements with these two providers, you should be able to make a call.