Do You Need a Passport to Go to Ensenada?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Sep 4 2022

Ensenada has everything a tourist would want in a city – waterfalls, wine tasting tours, shopping experiences, a rich history, beautiful beaches, and people; everything! And it boasts an ideal location as it lies in Baja, California, which shares a border with the USA. For this reason, many people think crossing the border will be a breeze. So, do you need a passport to go to Ensenada?


Do You Need a Passport to Go to Ensenada?

Ensenada lies in Mexico. And based on the current Mexican immigration rules, U.S. citizens may either need or not need passports depending on how they enter Mexico:

  1. By Air: You must have a valid passport book to board a flight to Mexico. This policy applies to adults and minors.
  2. By Road: While having a passport book would be the most seamless option, you can also enter Mexico if you have a passport card, a REAL ID, or a trusted traveler’s card. Please note that these documents will not assure you of entry as the immigration department may require supporting documents. Minors can use their naturalization/ citizenship/ birth certificates.
  3. By Sea: If you are on a closed-loop cruise, you will not need a passport book and can visit Ensenada using your passport card, a REAL ID, or a trusted traveler’s card. However, this policy depends on the cruise line as some may require you to have a valid passport book. Minors can use their birth or naturalization, or citizenship certificates.

Please note that having a passport book will ease your return to the USA. Besides, having a passport book allows you to catch a flight in an emergency. Talk to our agents via 833-TVP-VISA (917-671-0728) on how you can get a new passport or renew your current passport.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Ensenada Right Now?

The U.S. government has asked its citizens to reconsider traveling to Baja, California, due to the increased crime and kidnapping rates. Ensure you are cautious and avoid remote locations.


Will My Phone Work in Ensenada?

Your phone can work in Ensenada via:

  1. Using your U.S. phone provider: You can use global plans from T-Mobile, AT&T (Cingular), Sprint or Verizon,
  2. Using a local SIM card: This cheaper option works on unlocked phones where you insert a Mexican SIM in your phone to enjoy lower call and text rates.

Smartphones can also access WIFI, enabling you to stay connected at no cost!