Do You Need a Passport for a Disney Cruise?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Sep 6 2022

If you want to enjoy fantastic hospitality which boasts high service standards, the Disney Cruise is the place to be. The staff are friendly, acts of kindness are in plenty, and there is always an adventure awaiting you the minute you leave your room. Who would not want to be part of such a thrilling experience that will have you traversing the earth and exploring all sorts of nooks, including a private island? Many people have come to appreciate the beauty of cruises, especially themed ones like the Disney Cruise. And if you are also in for a bit of fun, the main question you may have is, do you need a passport for a Disney Cruise?


Do You Need a Passport for a Disney Cruise?

Not all Disney cruises require you to have a passport. Why is that?

  1. Some start and end at a U.S. port: In that case, the cruise qualifies as a closed-loop cruise. As such, you can board the cruise with other forms of ID, including a passport card, a trusted traveler card, a REAL ID, etc. Minors can also travel without passport books as long as they have their birth/ naturalization/ citizenship certificates. Please note that some cruise lines require you to have a valid passport book even when they are operating a closed-loop cruise.
  2. Some start or end at a non-U.S. port: If you will start or end the cruise in places that are not in the U.S., you must have a valid passport regardless of age. Moreover, you may also need to process a visa for the various stops along the cruise. Your cruise line is better poised to let you know which stops need visas and how much time should be left on your passport.

Should you have a passport book to go on a Disney cruise? We always recommend that our clients have valid passport books for two reasons:

  • For emergencies: You cannot travel by air without a valid passport book. So, if you end up stranded in one of the cruise stops or need to head back to the U.S., you will be caught between a rock and a hard place.
  • For easier visa processing: While your passport book could be valid, it may not meet the requirements of the immigration department in your destination. Most countries ask for at least 6 months of validity to allow you to transit through or visit their ports.

The best option is to get a passport if you don’t have one or renew your current one if it has fewer than 6 months of validity. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents via 833-TVP-VISA (917-671-0728) to get your passport ready ASAP.

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What to Pack for Disney Cruise

Always start with the basics, such as:

  1. Your travel documents,
  2. Your payment method,
  3. Your medicines and prescriptions,
  4. Lightweight clothes for warm weather or heavier clothes for colder weather,
  5. Enough costumes, and
  6. Sun wear and footwear.

You can add to the list based on your preferences.


Where Does the Disney Cruise Go?

Disney cruises go to various stops, including:

  1. The Bahamas,
  2. Mexico,
  3. Hawaii,
  4. Alaska, and
  5. The Panama Canal.

Your choice of cruise determines whether you need a passport.


What to Do on a Disney Cruise

Besides taking in the ocean view, you can also:

  • Relax at the spa,
  • Play games,
  • Try the different restaurants,
  • Catch a live show,
  • Play dress-up,
  • Take part in challenges, and
  • Attend events.

Let your imagination run wild as you take in all the cruise offers.