Saudi Arabia Work Visas FAQ Part 3: The Police Report

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Apr 30 2014

With the continuance of our dissection of the KSA Saudi Arabia work visa process, we have arrived at the stage where applicants must submit a police report. There are many types of police reports, but only some will be accepted by the Saudi Arabian Consulate and others are better to submit. Please have a look below as this guide answers some of the most common questions that we get:


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How long is my police report valid?

  • Police reports are valid from 6 months of issuance

Where should I obtain a police report?

  • You must complete a local/State police check from an agency where you either last resided, hold a drivers license, or paid taxes.

Is there a specific format required for the police report?

  • No, but the report must be on the agencies letterhead, signed in ink, and if applicable have the agencies seal.

What information needs to be included in the police report?

  • Your report must list either:
    • No convictions
    • No contest
    • Not guilty
    • No record found

I have a previous arrest or conviction, what do I do?

  • IF you have a criminal record, please contact a member of our team ASAP.

Is an internet based search ok?

  • No, we do not accept online reports.

Can I submit a National Criminal Database check?

  • No, we do not accept National Criminal Database checks or any other type of background checks.

Are FBI background checks accepted?

  • FBI checks are accepted, but you will still need to provide a local check as well.

Are other forms of criminal background checks ever required?

  • Consulates reserve the right to request additional information. We will contact you if any additional items are needed.

Stay tuned for our final report coming up next week!

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