Transit Visa to China

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Mar 12 2018

If you are visiting some Asian countries bordering China, you might find yourself crossing the Chinese border in order to get to your destination. The country has some of the world’s busiest airports and home to some of the most popular bus and train routes on the planet. If you are crossing into China you will need to contact Travel Visa Pro to arrange for the correct visa for your trip. Our experts can provide you with a valid visa to visit China.


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Travel Visa Pro provides a full range of services to allow you to secure a visa. If you are entering and exiting the country on the same day you might think that you need a Transit Visa for China, however this does not exist! Instead you will need to apply for a Tourist Visa to allow you to enter the country and transit onto your next mode of transport.

Travel Visa Pro has all the answers and guarantees a hassle-free service that ensures you can secure a visa to visit China without major problems. Applicants will need to complete an application form, as well as include your passport, passport photo and all documents detailing your travel plans.

Travel Visa Pro provide expert advice for anyone looking to apply for a visa for China Visa and you can visit any of the offices in the United States, Canada and the UK to discuss which is the best option for your trip. It is recommended that travellers take advantage of the VIP Concierge and form-filling services offered by Travel Visa Pro to ensure that your applications are free of errors or any issues which may result in a delay in receiving your visa. So anyone transiting in China can apply for a Tourist Visa with Travel Visa Pro’s reliable and dedicated services.

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