Do You Need a Visa to Go to Cuba?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sat Jun 25 2022

Cuba is a North American Island country famous for its exceptional cigars and tourist destinations. Located near the Caribbean sea, this country has loads of places to visit for tourists. If you are from the U.S and are planning to visit this country, continue reading as we will talk about some essential things to keep in mind before visiting Cuba.

Do You Need a Visa to Go to Cuba?

If you are a U.S national planning to visit Cuba, you may be wondering “do you need a visa to go to Cuba?” Well, the answer is yes. The Cuban government requires people travelling to this country to get a Cuba visa, also referred to as “tourist card.”

Unlike the visas in most countries, the Cuba visa is only valid for single entry. What’s more, it only allows people to stay in the country for thirty days. The Cuba visa or tourist card is essentially a 2 part card. Initially, the immigration officials in Cuba would take one part of the card upon a visitor’s arrival and the other part upon their departure.

Now, however, things are different, as immigration officials return both parts of the Cuba visa. But, they will ask you to surrender the complete document when leaving the country. Make sure that you keep your Cuban tourist card in a safe place during your trip to avoid any issues when departing the country.

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What Documents Do I Need to Travel to Cuba?

U.S Nationals who want to travel to Cuba often ask the question, “What documents do I need to travel to Cuba?” Mentioned below is a list of paperwork you will need to travel to this North American country.

  • A valid passport of the United States
  • You will need a Cuban tourist card (you can directly purchase the card from the airline)
  • Cuban travel insurance (this is mandatory to cover various unforeseen medical expenses)
  • U.S citizens traveling to Cuba must have a general license with them. This license essentially authorizes their trip to the country.
  • You will also need a custom and health declaration form when travelling to Cuba

Is It Safe to Travel to Cuba Right Now?

While traveling to Cuba is generally safe, the Cuban Government has enforced some travel restrictions, which include mandatory use of masks, business restrictions and random Antigen tests. People visiting from the United States may be subject to several other restrictions. Most of these restrictions were imposed by the USA’s government, which is why going to Cuba right now may not be the best time.

Is It Expensive to Travel to Cuba?

If your Cuba visa is ready and you have finally decided to visit the country, you will be pleased to learn that traveling to this North American country is relatively cheap. A seven to ten day trip to Cuba could cost you around $1200 to $3500, including insurance, accommodation and flights.

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