Do You Need a Visa to Go to Egypt?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Jun 22 2022

Egypt is an exceptional transcontinental contrary with loads of historical monuments, landmarks and places to go. Are you a U.S citizen who wants to go to Egypt? If so, continue reading as we will talk about some important things about going to this country.

Can U.S Citizens Travel to Egypt?

If you are from the U.S, you may be asking the question “can US citizens travel to Egypt?” Well, the answer is yes, U.S citizens can definitely travel to Egypt for vacations and various other purposes.

Do You Need a Visa to Go to Egypt?

Many U.S citizens who want to travel often search for things like “do you need a visa to go to Egypt?” The answer to that is, yes. Besides a couple of nationalities, people from most countries, including the U.S will need Egpyt Visa to visit Egypt for traveling and tourism purposes.

Egypt has a maximum stay limit of 30 days for US citizens who have Egypt visa on arrival. If you are an American passport traveler, you can get a single entry visa or multiple entry visa for going to Egypt. The validity period of these visas is 30 days and 180 days respectively.

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Egypt Entry Requirements for US Citizens

The Egypt entry requirements for US citizens are relatively straightforward. Here are some of the main ones:

  • US citizens cannot travel to Egypt without a Visa
  • You can get a renewable 30 day tourist visa upon your arrival at an Egyptian airport
  • US citizens can also get a multiple entry visa, which costs around $60
  • Egyptian immigration officials can occasionally deny U.S travelers entry to the country without offering any explanation
  • US nationals facing challenges with the status of their visa should apply for one at an Egyptian consulate before traveling
  • If you are planning to go to this country for studying or gainful employment, you must gain the visa before your travel

Covid-19 Protocol

First off, the country maintains quarantine periods of 14 days and implements various other preventative measures for people testing positive for COVID 19. Those who do not follow the precautionary measures like wearing masks indoors could be subject to immediate prosecution or heavy fines.

U.S citizens can get antigen or PCR tests in a variety of private testing centers in Egypt, along with the Central Public Health Lab. The charges for these tests vary depending on the testing center you go to. It is worth keeping in mind that U.S nationals traveling to Egypt must have a negative Antigen Rapid, PCR test or vaccination certificate taken 72 hours prior to the flight departure time with them.

U.S travelers must provide a paper copy of their vaccination status as Egypt does not accept digital proof.

What Is the Currency in Egypt?

The Egyptian currency is referred to as the Egyptian pound. If you convert one U.S Dollar into the Egyptian currency, you will get around 18.95 Egyptian pounds. These rates are subject to fluctuations every now and then.

Will My Phone Work in Egypt?

If you have got your Egypt visa and are finally travelling to Egypt, you may be wondering if your phone will work in this country. While Egypt’s mobile phone coverage generally tends to be good, it may not be the best in desert and remote areas. U.S travelers should consider purchasing a local SIM card to make sure they stay connected during their trip.