What is a Passport Book?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Apr 4 2018

Traveling internationally will be one of the most rewarding experiences that you can do in life. It gives you a chance to step out of a familiar environment and get surrounded by a completely new way of life. Every country is different. Each has its own special attractions and reasons for traveling. People travel abroad all of the time, some for tourist purposes, others traveling for work, some to study, and plenty of other reasons. While booking a trip internationally is as easy as booking your flight and making reservations for your accommodation, there are still a few other steps needed before you can board your flight for your trip. The main thing you’ll have to have is a passport. Your passport is essentially your gateway to the world.


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Everyone has heard of a passport but not everyone has one. Some may even be confused about exactly what a passport is. A passport is an official issued document in the form of a small book that contains all the information necessary for you to travel internationally. Every country has their own unique passports. Each passport is treated different around the world as well. Having a US passport book is one of the best passport books to have in the world. Thanks to the relations established with other countries, you can almost travel to any country with this book.

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What’s Included in a Passport Book?

The main feature of a passport book is for your identification. This includes a photo of you as well as general information such as name, birthdate, address, sex, and more. This identification page also lists the date that you received your passport and the expiration date.

Another major feature of your passport is to hold your visas. Visa stamps are applied to your passport upon entering and exiting a country. These stamps verify the country that you visited, the date you arrived, and how many days that you’re allowed to stay within a country. Most of the pages in a passport book are dedicated space for visas. There are different sizes of passport books that you can get depending on the frequency that you plan to travel. For frequent international travelers, it’s recommended that you get enough pages in your passport book for visas to avoid any issues in the future due to running out.

There is also other information included within a passport book. For the US, this information includes general travel information such as tips on keeping your passport secure, traveling safely while abroad, and contact information for dealing with various passport issues if necessary.

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How Do You Apply for a Passport Book?

Getting a passport book is a simple process with passport agencies such as Travel Visa Pro. There are two scenarios where you’ll be applying for a passport. If you’ve never had a passport before, you’ll have to go through the new passport process. If you’ve had a passport previously, you’ll have to get your passport renewed.

Applying for a new passport is simple. There are a few things to keep in mind before you apply for your passport. You’ll need to submit a passport application along with two photos, proof of citizenship, and proof of identity.

Passports have specific requirements for their condition to determine if you’ll need to get it renewed. The main conditions to keep in mind is having plenty of time before it expires, having enough available pages for visa stamps, as well as a good overall quality of the book. If your passport fails to pass either of these requirements, you’ll need to get it renewed. Renewing your passport is the same process as getting a new passport. You’ll also need to submit your old passport book along with your application.

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If you have any plans on traveling abroad, you’ll have to have a passport book. Not every country will require a passport book from the US to travel to. Countries that are considered US territories don’t require you to have your passport such as Puerto Rico. It’s still recommended that you have a passport when traveling anywhere outside of the US. It not only provides great information but you never know where your next journey might take you. You wouldn’t want to have to delay a trip because you didn’t come prepared with your passport.

Travel Visa Pro is a convenient place to get your passport. In case you have last minute travel plans, we are able to expedite your passport book so you can have it within hours for your trip.