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Cambodia Visa

Americans have easy access to Kingdom of Cambodia visas with Travel Visa Pro. As a premiere visa and passport expediting company, we believe that friendly and responsive customer service is key.

Our team members are versed in the many complications and intricacies of Cambodia visas for US citizens as well as to all other countries. Are you planning on doing business in Phnom Penh or researching the history of the Khmer Rouge? TVP staff can help get you a visa for Cambodia valid for one month. To be granted access to Cambodia, tourists may need to show proof of sufficient funds for their stay and a return ticket in addition to submitting the visa fee ($35 for tourists, $40 for business). Let our travel experts help get you a visa for Cambodia from the US.

Cambodia Visa

Cambodia as a whole is a big draw for tourists. With a UNESCO World Heritage site like Angkor Wat and the history of the Khmer Rouge, tourists definitely don’t struggle to find ways to occupy their time after landing in Phnom Penh.

The Cambodia visa application process is surprisingly straightforward, making the country one of the easiest ones for Americans to visit for business or pleasure. In addition to the option of applying at a Cambodian embassy or consulate, the e-visa is simple and offers a quick turnaround for those whose departures are coming up.  Tourists (T visa) can visit Cambodia for up to 30 days with the option to extend another 30 days. Those entering for work (E visa) don’t even necessarily have to have a sponsoring company, giving the country a reputation as a safe haven for freelancers.

Hotel information or a local address must be presented on the e-visa application form or on the physical form at the Cambodian consulate. The website will collect a small processing fee, with the remainder ($30) to be presented in cash along with a passport photo once you arrive at immigration. Most important is to bring the confirmation number from the e-visa with you when you travel.

Travel Visa Pro can assist with your Cambodia visa application form

The application is smooth sailing for some, but we understand many travelers have issues with the paperwork issued from foreign governments and are perfectly happy and capable of stepping in to help. Even if you’re just looking for a standard tourist visa to Cambodia, our team of travel experts can take charge of your application and ensure there aren’t any mistakes keeping you from seeing the temples of Angor. If you’re not sure how to fill out forms, or simply don’t want to deal with your visa, let us do it for you with our Form Fill Service. Your Cambodia visa application will be error-free and conform to all official requirements. TVP will complete your application online, and email you the completed application along with a checklist of all the required paperwork.

If you’re confident in your ability to handle the Cambodian visa application on your own, but want an expert to look everything over to avoid unnecessary delays and headaches, Travel Visa Pro can assist with our Document Double Check Service. The most common delay for processing visa applications is incomplete applications or information not included as per the instructions. Items you left out thinking they were unimportant may be necessary for your application and the Cambodian embassy may consider this a critical error. Travel Visa Pro can review your paperwork to Cambodia and make sure all the details are included.


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