Tourist visa to CAMBODIA

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Cambodia is a premiere tourist destination and for many this piece of paradise is high on their dream travel list, don’t let the paperwork and processed needed to get a Cambodian Tourist Visa stop you from living your dreams.

Cambodia Tourist Visa

Cambodia Visa however is a far speedier process than many other visa applications thanks to the foresight of the Cambodian government; the government has allowed tourists to purchase their tourist visas after landing at certain airports in Cambodia.
The application requirements regardless of whether you choose to apply in advance or upon your arrival in Cambodia remain the same though, you will have to provide the following your original passport that has a minimum of two blank pages for your visa and is valid for at least six months from the start date of your travels. Next up, please ensure that you have a passport photo that was taken of you within the last three months, and not your favorite photo from ten years ago no matter how great it is.

Expedited Cambodian Tourist Visa Services

Now please note that if you plan on acquiring a Cambodian Tourist Visa on arrival into the country that there will be a charge for it, which should be equal to the fee of applying beforehand. If you are applying for a single entry tourist visa that will last for approximately 30 days – single entry meaning that you only come into Cambodia once – you will be charged US $30 for the visa application at the airport or border facility.

In order to expedite the process and ensure that you pass. Into the country of Cambodia without a care in the world consider applying online. Our friendly and highly experienced team of consultants will ensure that you are ready to fly off to the holiday of your dreams without a care in the world. And you never know once you arrive in Cambodia you may love it so much that you will want to apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa extension, don’t worry we can help with that too.