7 Best Beaches In Brazil

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Mar 13 2018

One of the most intriguing and unimaginably beautiful countries in the entire world, it’s common knowledge that part of what makes Brazil so incredible is its collection of beaches that border the Atlantic. So often, vacationers want to visit an exotic beach but still feel as though they aren’t missing out on their destination’s offerings. Luckily, the oceanside land is such a large, wonderful part of the country – you can’t go to Brazil without dedicating at least some of your time to soaking up the Brazilian sun! Keep reading to learn more about what makes the 7 best beaches in Brazil so special.


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Chances are you’ve heard of Copacabana even if you aren’t the most seasoned globetrotter around, and there’s good reason for that! This beach is often referred to as the most famous beach on the globe, spanning over two miles long with a crescent-like curvature. With an abundance of shops along the promenade and museums dotted along the town, you’re never short of things to do and see in this part of the country – but if you want to spend your day on the shoreline in the cool, blue water, that’s no problem either! Copacabana has something for everyone, and that’s part of what makes it one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the world.

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Baia de Sancho

This slice of coastline paradise is coupled with a National Marine Park that serves to protect the local wildlife, particularly sea turtles, from nearby dangers – which means you should time your visit right, as tourists are banned from the beach for 12 hours of the day as a protective measure. That being said, nothing beats the view from Baia de Sancho, which is consistently ranked as a favorite Brazilian beach among visitors. Volcanoes and rock formations combine to clash beautifully with the blue-green ocean waves, making this location picture-perfect. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse from up above on the walkways, crafted from recycled plastic. You might never want to leave!

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A popular destination for boaters and windsurfers, Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina and serves as the home to a beautiful saltwater lagoon and a number of favorable beaches. Local dunes make it easy for visitors to go on a sandboarding excursion when they aren’t taking a dip in the water, making it clear that there’s no shortage of activities along this coastline! While surfers dot the water, markets and historical architecture fill the town, with the rainforest sitting just behind the action. The weather is warmest (and most humid) from December through February, so keep that in mind if you want to schedule your trip around the busy season!

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Carneiros Beach

The river and the ocean join forces at Carneiros Beach, where coral reefs and mangroves take over the water and make for an unbelievable sight – after all, this beach is often fighting for the title of most beautiful beach in the area. With a landscape that’s remained unchanged for decades, you can count on past visitors’ accounts and prepare for a lovely view. The contrast between the dark water from the river and the white sands, clear blue calm of the ocean, and coconut trees make for a wonderful scene. Though 100 kilometers south of Recife, the view makes it worth the drive!

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Ipanema Beach

If you adore all things trendy and chic, Ipanema Beach is definitely calling your name! Known for kickstarting bikini trends and hosting upscale shopping centers in addition to nightlife opportunities, Ipanema is known for its star-studded beachfront and fun-focused community. There’s no better place to don your sexiest swimsuit before grabbing food at one of the nice local restaurant spots, shopping to your heart’s content, and getting social at one of the nearby bars. For a full day of nonstop relaxation and enjoyment, you’ll definitely want to reserve a spot on the sand. Be sure to book well in advance if you want to be around in time for Carnival or New Year’s, as those are the busiest times of year!

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Arpoador Beach

If you’re having trouble deciding between beaches, why not select one that gives you the best of both worlds? Arpoador Beach is nestled between Ipanema and Copacabana, splitting territory between both locations. With its amazing vantage points and love for surf culture, it’s impossible to grow bored in this Brazilian hot spot! Surfers often relocate to Arpoador because the ocean waves rise higher here, making it more optimal for those who want to hang ten. Stick around for the sunset in the evening if you’re looking for an extra special treat; nothing compares to the glistening sun slowly falling behind gigantic rock formations.

Arpoador Beach1 - 7 Best Beaches In Brazil

Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia

Another spot that combines the very best of two beaches, Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia is one beach split into two parts thanks to rock formations. The seafoam green sea that meets the shore is perfect for lounging around in between walks along the soft, white sand. In the middle of Brazil’s diving capital, you’ll find yourself immersed in clear waters that show off the very best of ocean life. If you want your trip to be focused on relaxation and leaving your worries behind, there’s no better spot for floating around carelessly than Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia.

Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia1 - 7 Best Beaches In Brazil


It should be more than obvious now that Brazil is chock full of gorgeous beaches that will allow you to explore the ocean, spend a day in the sun, and take in some of the most amazing views you’ve ever laid your eyes on. If you’re more active than your typical sunbather, opportunities to ride the waves and soar in the sky are available at a number of locations. With so many exotic locations to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Hopefully, this list has brought you some clarity – if you’re still having some trouble, you could always visit more than one of these sandy spots! Just remember to bring along your sunscreen!

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