7 Best Things To Do In Brazil

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Mar 14 2018

Between its magnificent beaches and jaw-dropping landmarks, Brazil is home to some of the most incredible sights in the world. This vast South American country isn’t only known for its landscapes, however; annual events and unique tour experiences make this tourist destination even more worthwhile. Whether you opt for an off-road exploration or decide to spend most of your time floating along (or above!) the Atlantic, there’s a number of options available for you and your family. Read on to learn all about the 7 best things to do in Brazil!


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The Carnival of Brazil is the biggest annual event in the country, with celebrations taking place all over the country. Carnival was created as a means of indulging before the beginning of Lent and the event includes an abundance of live performances and endless opportunities to grab a bite or a beverage in between dances. Rio’s celebration is one of the largest, with more than 100 block parades and over 300 bands, but it’s likely that you can find a Carnival event no matter your location. Each celebration has its own unique features. For instance, Bahia’s Carnival focuses on including African influences, especially through music (such as reggae & samba) that denounces racism and oppression. If you’re looking for food, fun, and learning opportunities, Carnival is the celebration for you and your group.


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Rio Hang Gliding Tour

If you’re eager to catch an anything-but-average glimpse of Brazilian beaches and mountains, consider going hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro! Starting your journey in São Conrado, you’ll be taken airborne with a professional pilot leading the way. Talk about a bird’s eye view! The relaxing floating sensation will quickly take over your fears and you’ll find yourself flying along the most lush Brazilian landscapes imaginable. Thanks to pre-attached GoPro cameras, you can take your adventure home with you to share with your loved ones. Who knows – maybe they’ll even be begging to come along on your next trip!


Rio Hang Gliding Tour1 - 7 Best Things To Do In Brazil


Rio de Prata

If going under surface level is more your speed, Rio de Prata is the perfect place to get your snorkel on. Featuring an incredible amount of natural beauty, the flourishing forests and crystal clear waters of this part of Brazil will leave you absolutely stunned. Wild animals will linger among the flora and fauna, waiting to be spotted as you venture across the forest trails. If you’d like to dive even deeper, scuba diving is an additional option. For those who prefer to stay on land, birdwatching and horseback riding are available to give you a more personal connection to the wild.


Rio de Prata1 - 7 Best Things To Do In Brazil


Iguazú Falls Off-Road Combo Tour

To get a close-up of Iguazú Falls like never before, take advantage of the off-road combo tour for an adventure that includes travel by car, boat, and foot. Your trek will start off with a drive through the jungle in an open-top vehicle, taking you soaring through an abundance of exotic wildlife. Next, you have the option to take a short hike to a nearby waterfall – a great place to stop for a swim when the conditions are right. Finally, you’ll want to zip up your raincoat as you prepare for a boat ride that takes you cruising by the falls, putting you right in the splash zone! Combo tours are one of the best ways to gain a multitude of experiences in one place, so suit up and get ready to feel some adrenaline!


Iguazu Falls Off Road Combo Tour1 - 7 Best Things To Do In Brazil


Tijuca Forest Jeep Tour

To catch a glimpse of monkeys, toucans, and other animals native to Brazil, hop aboard the Tijuca Forest Jeep Tour! You can bet you’ve never seen the forest quite like this. This ride will have you surrounded by vibrant greenery and species of plants you didn’t even know existed. You can even set foot on the rainforest soil if you want to feel even closer to nature. Bring a raincoat just in case, though; rain is extremely common in this part of the country, which makes up 7% of Rio de Janeiro! Whether you’re traveling as a pair or in a group of fifty, you’re not going to want to miss this fan-favorite experience!


Tijuca Forest Jeep Tour1 - 7 Best Things To Do In Brazil


Amazon Rainforest 3-Day Tour

If you have plenty of time available to explore the Amazon, consider taking on a 3-day tour of the rainforest! This journey takes you across the river and through the jungle, featuring activities like piranha fishing and caiman scouting on your very first day. After a good night’s sleep, expect to go birdwatching before learning all about survival techniques – while IN the jungle itself. Your second night will be spent surrounded by wildlife as you snooze in hammocks. Finally, your last day in this amazing territory will be spent learning about the local Caboclos and how they spend their days. This educational adventure is not one to miss out on!


Amazon Rainforest 3 Day Tour1 - 7 Best Things To Do In Brazil


Day Cruises

With so many different landscapes and beaches to explore, it’s no surprise that Brazil offers a wide range of day cruises that allow you to take in all the country has to offer while soaking up the sun on the Atlantic. Whether you’re looking to go sailing, spend a day with a loved one on a private boat, or combine a day on the ocean with a day parasailing or hiking, there are all sorts of options available to you and your fellow adventurers. This makes a great option for a more laid-back afternoon, as you can relax while wasting no time, continuously seeing more and more of the beauty Brazil has to offer.


Day Cruises1 - 7 Best Things To Do In Brazil


With so many amazing opportunities for exploration, it’s no wonder you’re considering choosing Brazil as your next vacation destination! No matter if you’re traveling on a romantic honeymoon, visiting new territory with friends, or taking your first solo trip, you’re bound to have a magical time coming face to face with some of South America’s most incredible landscapes. Be sure to do your research and collaborate with professional guides throughout each step of your journey for an optimal experience, and don’t forget to charge your camera!

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