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Take one look at a world map and it will be clear that Brazil is one of the most interesting places on the globe. It’s huge, for starters, meaning there’s plenty of room for exploration with a seemingly never-ending list of possible activities and attractions to mark down on your itinerary. The country’s natural beauty and opportunities for fun are sure to keep you lingering for quite some time. If you aren’t completely sold on the idea of traveling to Brazil yet, though, or are simply looking to learn more about this South American territory, keep reading to find out some wicked cool Brazil facts that you may not have known before!


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Basic Information

Brazil’s official title is the Federal Republic of Brazil, and it serves as home to 183,888,841 people. The coastline, where you’ll find a large number of beautiful beaches and charming towns, extends a full 7,400 kilometers, or 4,500 miles, along the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil borders every other South American country on the west except for Chile and Ecuador, and the country covers 3,286,470 square miles – making it the largest country in all of South America! A vast selection of landscapes make this place’s biodiversity most impressive, with plenty of tall mountains, jungles, flora and fauna, and ocean life adding to its radiance. Each of these habitat types are worthy of exploring, as they’re all part of what make Brazil so incredible.


Brazil’s official title is the Federal Republic of Brazil1 - Brazil Facts


There are plenty of ways to get acquainted with Brazilian wildlife and get to know the country’s history on a more personal level, no matter what activities you enjoy most. Hiking, sailing, ziplining, and snorkeling are all popular ways to explore, and museums and zoos give tourists the chance to educate themselves about the country’s species and background. If you’re eager to come face to face with wild animals, for instance, stop by Parque das Aves to see dozens of fascinating species wandering throughout open enclosures. If you’d prefer to connect with people who live in the country rather than animals, consider learning some Portuguese before you head out – it’s the official language of Brazil!

The variations in climate and landscapes allow Brazil to thrive when it comes to exporting all kinds of materials and food products. These include cotton, latex, sugarcane, rice, coffee, soybeans, and tropical fruits! Since Brazil also thrives as a majorly industrial nation, the country is also known for producing steel, vehicles, aircrafts, and chemicals.



The biodiversity in Brazil is unique compared to that of any other country. The different seasons and multitude of habitat types give animals comfortable homes all over the place, which is why a huge number of different species consider Brazil their home. 600 animal species, 1,600 types of birds, and 1,500 types of fish reside here, including capybaras, caimans, toucans, and anacondas. You might even spot one of these wild animals out and about during your stay! If you look closely, you might also be able to spot one of the 100,000 insect types that live in Brazil as well. Wetlands and lagoons create delightfully swampy territory for some animals but lush forests and gorgeous beaches are also part of the equation. It’s rare to see this many different types of landscapes in one place, but Brazil’s got it all going on!


The biodiversity in Brazil is unique1 - Brazil Facts


Some of the best vantage points in the country are the mountains and rock formations that add to the scenic beauty. You will NOT want to forget your camera when you hike up to the peak! Christ The Redeemer is a prime example of an attraction atop a mountain that you will not want to miss out on. This nearly-100-foot tall sculpture of Jesus Christ is at the peak of the Corcovado Mountain, looking out over the beautiful and beloved Rio de Janeiro below, the country’s most famous city. Corcovado isn’t the highest mountain around, however, as that would be Pico de Neblina, which travels 2,994 meters high.

The Amazon Rainforest is another one of Brazil’s most prominent features, covering a huge portion of northwestern Brazil. In fact, 60% of the jungle is located in this country, with the other 40% spanning over other South American countries. The world’s largest rainforest contains billions upon billions of trees across 5,500,000 square kilometers of the Amazon basin, and the rainforest is intertwined with hundreds of rivers – including the Amazon River!



People in Brazil are in love with the sport of soccer. Having participated in every World Cup to date so far, Brazil has actually win the World Cup five times: in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. If you want to learn more about the country’s history with such a beloved competitive sport, be sure to stop by The Football Museum in São Paulo!

While soccer is a passion for many residents, it isn’t the only sport folks in Brazil care deeply about. Formula One racing is quite popular in the country, as are mixed martial arts, volleyball, sailing, and skateboarding. The Summer Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, with over 10,000 athletes taking part in 306 medal events throughout the 17 days spent in Brazil.


People in Brazil are in love with the sport of soccer1 - Brazil Facts


Athletic opportunities are readily available for tourists, too! Scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing are the best options for people who want to get close to the ocean life while rock climbing and paragliding are great for those who want to gain a new perspective from raging heights! Plenty of tour guides are open to doing combo tours that include boating, hiking, and driving throughout different parts of the country, so ask about your options and don’t be afraid to try something new!

Brazil’s offerings are often enough to leave people stunned, eager to buy plane tickets and be on their way. If that’s how your feeling, you’re not alone! The country is chock full of things to do and see with a new opportunity at your feet every single day. The rich history of this South American territory only makes things more interesting, and your adventure is bound to be one for the books. Remember to bring your camera! You’re going to want snapshots from your time in one of the world’s most amazing countries!

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