Brazil Facts For Kids

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Mar 19 2018

There’s no denying that Brazil is one of the most mesmerizing and intriguing places on the planet. Between its natural beauty and insanely fun attractions, there’s always plenty to do and plenty to see during one’s visit. If you’re new to this South American territory, however, and are eager to learn more before embarking on a vacation with your family, keep reading to learn all sorts of fun Brazil facts for kids!


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Basic Information

The Federal Republic of Brazil, as the country is officially titled, is home to 183,888,841 people. The country’s coastline is quite impressive, extending a full 7,400 kilometers (4,500 miles) down the Atlantic Ocean. On the west side, Brazil borders against every other South American country apart from Chile and Ecuador. Covering 3,286,470 square miles, it is the largest country in all of South America and features a vast range of landscapes including towering mountains, lush forests and jungles, and magnificent oceans – all worthy of exploring!


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Whether you enjoy hiking, sailing, snorkeling, or ziplining, there are a number of ways you can get up close and personal with Brazilian wildlife and learn more about the country’s history. Museums and zoos make for wonderful educational opportunities as well, and there are plenty of each to go around. For instance, Parque das Aves is a private zoo with open enclosures, allowing you to become face to face with a variety of different species. Connecting with animals is great, but if you want to also connect to even more of Brazil’s people during your trip, consider learning a little bit of Portuguese; it’s the country’s official language!

Because of how much the climate and landscapes vary, Brazil is able to export a wide range of materials and food products including latex, cotton, rice, sugarcane, soybeans, coffee, and tropical fruits – yum! Also thriving as a largely industrial nation, Brazil is also known for its production of steel, aircrafts, vehicles, and chemicals.


Whose Habitat?

Brazil’s biodiversity is unlike that of any other country. With different seasons and a large number of habitats for animals to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many different species consider Brazil their home. 1,600 species of birds, 600 different types of mammals, and 1,500 types of fish reside in the country. Caimans, toucans, and anacondas are only a few of the creatures you might spot at some point during your stay. Brazil isn’t only filled with animals that are easy to spot, however; 100,000 types of insects live there, too! Lagoons and wetlands make for great swampy territory while lush jungles and beaches host plenty of their own critters. It’s rare to see so many different types of habitats and landscapes in one place, but Brazil has it all!


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Brazil’s many mountains can make for some of the very best vantage points to snap photos and overlook the sea below. Christ The Redeemer, a nearly-100-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ, sits at the top of the Corcovado Mountain, looking out over Rio de Janeiro, the country’s most famous city. The country’s highest mountain, however, is Pico de Neblina, which is a whopping 2,994 meters high.

60% of the Amazon Rainforest covers a large portion of northwestern Brazil, but the remaining 40% extends into other South American countries as well. It is the world’s largest rainforest, containing 16,000 species of trees and covering 5,500,000 square kilometers (2,100,000 square miles) of the large Amazon basin. The Amazon is intertwined with hundreds upon hundreds of rivers, including the world’s second longest river of the same name; you guessed it – the Amazon River!

The forest has been around for a stunning 55 million years at the very least, possibly facing the opportunity to spread so far after the extinction of the dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. While there continues to be debate about human populations in the Amazon over the years, geoglyphs spotted from the sky continue to point to the existence of tribes of centuries past.


Amazon Rainforest covers a large portion of northwestern Brazil1 - Brazil Facts For Kids


Southeastern Brazil also used to be covered by forestry, but has since become the industrial capital of the country as home to 43% of Brazil’s population. Despite hosting so many people, the industrial land only takes up 11% of the country’s space! Now that’s big; did we mention Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country after China, India, the United States, and Indonesia? Wow!



If there’s one things folks in Brazil love, it’s soccer. In fact, Brazil has won the World Cup five times, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002, having participated in every single World Cup to date. If you find yourself in São Paulo, be sure to stop by The Football Museum!

Soccer isn’t the only sport residents are passionate about, however. Formula One racing, volleyball, and mixed martial arts are only a few of the other forms of athletic entertainment people indulge in. In 2016, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro, where over 10,000 athletes competed in 306 medal events over the course of 17 days.


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If you’re interested in taking on athletic opportunities during your time in Brazil, consider your options! For those who want to get a close look at life under the sea, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular options. Sailing is an option for those who merely want to skip the ocean’s surface, but more adventurous types can go paragliding over the sandy beaches! Those who prefer to get their hands dirty would likely prefer hiking or rock climbing, and plenty of tour guides are willing to give you and your family combo experiences that you’ll never forget!

If you’re amazed by all that Brazil has to offer, you’re not alone! The country is bustling with things to do, and its history only makes things even more interesting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and dive deep into the rich history of this South American territory. Your adventure is sure to become one for the books, leaving you with unforgettable memories – and hopefully plenty of photos to look back on!

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