In Cambodia or Thailand? Let’s head to Vietnam!

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Jan 30 2012

Maybe you’re in Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand and you’ve just decided now, that you want to go to Vietnam. You are in luck, Vietnam allows clients to apply for a visa without sending in your physical passport. The process is quite simple and just requires three items; a clear, scanned copy of the first page of your passport, a passport style photograph, and the completed Vietnam visa application. These documents can be sent to Travel Visa Pro via email or by postal carrier. Once the documents have been received the Vietnam consulate will process your documents and produce a loose leaf visa page. This visa page will then be shipped to wherever you are in the world. The visa page gets stapled in your passport and this page will serve as your entry document into Vietnam. With this efficient process there will be no interruptions to your travel and nor will you be without your passport.


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