Cambodia Visa Costs and Fees

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Jan 31 2018

Cambodia makes it incredibly easy for Americans to access the country, at least at first glance: with US dollars widely accepted by every tuk-tuk driver and hotel, no currency exchange is necessary on arrival, and English is the language of the tourist industry. However, anyone considering visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat or just exploring the history of Phnom Penh must begin their journey with the right visa.

Even for those who have some experience traveling independently across Southeast Asia, the forms and information available from consulate staff don’t necessarily make the process applying for a visa any easier. When you need experts in how to apply, expedite, and receive a visa to Cambodia, contact your nearest Travel Visa Pro office in the US. The new pick up and drop off locations offer free shipping for visa and passport applications to any one of our nine staffed offices.


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Cambodia visa costs and fees for US citizens

If you’d rather apply for a Cambodian visa from the comfort of home, e-visas are available on the official government website. Applicants will be asked to provide their passport details including a picture or scan of the passport information page, their anticipated date and port of entry, and a picture taken in the last three months.

As always, US citizens should check their passport expiration date to ensure they have at least six months remaining from the day of their arrival in Cambodia. Though the e-visa allows a stay up to 30 days for tourists, this can be extended for another 30 days. Upon completion, the website will provide a confirmation voucher which should be given to immigration officers on arrival.

As for the cost, your credit card will be charged $30 for the e-visa fee in addition to a $7 processing fee. If you need to extend your stay once in Cambodia, this can be done at an immigration office for $45. Business visas, a category of ordinary visas in Cambodia cost $35 for processing, but may be valid anywhere from 1-12 months depending on the purpose of your stay.

Different ways to apply for a visa to Cambodia

Though the e-visa is a cheap and relatively simple way to legally enter Cambodia, those with different travel plans may find a visa obtained in advance from a consulate or embassy is a better option. E-visas are not always able to be used at land border crossings between Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. In addition, tourists with Cambodia as their next destination have the option of applying for a visa by mail.

Visas on arrival are also available in Cambodia at major ports of entry to US citizens, with photo services and ATMs ready to provide passport-sized photos for the visa application and exact change for the fees, however it is advisable to bring both of these prior to arrival in the event the services are unavailable. All Cambodian embassies and consulates can accept applications for tourist visas in person, but only some allow applications to be mailed; check with your nearest consulate for details.

Other considerations before traveling to Cambodia

There are always going to be unexpected expenses when you travel, and having enough cash on hand to be prepared for anything of the sort can save travelers from a lot of stress. A $25 exit tax is charged to international travelers leaving Cambodia by air, but this is usually reflected in your airfare. There are also reports of extortion, bribery, and outright theft at land border crossings, particularly when crossing at the end of the business day. Some officials have been known to force everyone on a bus to wait until all have paid a “tax”, threatening to not allow them access and forcing them to wait overnight at the border.

There are many parts of traveling to Cambodia that go smoothly, but a lot that could be prevented with research. Don’t forget to register your trip with the US Department of State to stay updated on travel warnings, or inform the experts at Travel Visa Pro of any concerns you may have.

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