Can you Renew your Passport Online?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Sep 13 2017

Getting your travel documents up to date prior to a big trip should be a priority for everyone, in addition to checking on your flight and hotel reservations. While technology has made it easier than ever to travel – checking in on mobile apps, carrying a mobile passport app – there are still some things that cannot be accomplished online. eVisas are available for traveling to many foreign countries, but even these must be exchanged at a border crossing for a physical stamp or paper to be placed in your passport. Similarly, it’s still not possible to renew an expired passport online.


Renew Your Passport Here


I can’t renew a passport online… so what else can I do?

There’s good news on that front. When you renew a US passport, you will need the following:

Can you Renew your Passport Online 1 - Can you Renew your Passport Online?

– Form DS-82, US Passport Renewal Application
– A passport-sized color photograph
– Application fees: $110 for routine service, $170 for expedited service
– Your expired or damaged US passport

Though you can’t submit these documents online due to security concerns, the US Department of State does give Internet users the option to fill out Form DS-82 using an online form filler (, greatly reducing the need to write everything by hand. However, this form must be printed out and handed in person to a passport agency or through the mail for your application to be processed.

Currently, there are only three possible methods of obtaining a passport renewal:

1. Send in your application directly to the US Department of State through the mail (closest embassy or consulate if abroad).
2. Apply in person at one of several passport offices across the United States, or the consular section of any US embassy or consulate.
3. Entrust your application to an authorized passport agency like Travel Visa Pro.

Are there any passport services which can be used online?

Absolutely. In addition to the form filler the US Department of State offers on its website, the Mobile Passport App  can be used for reentry to the United States at select airports. You’ll still have to present your physical passport to immigration, but the app does expedite the process.

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Travel Visa Pro has lots of information regarding passport renewals which can be used by our clients to ensure their forms are filled out correctly. Our travel experts are available to chat online regarding any problems you may have with your application, and you can request for and pay for our passport services online. However, we will still need your physical passport and a check or money order made out to the US Department of State.

It may not be possible to renew your passport online just yet, but who knows what the future of travel will hold!