Employment Visa to Saudi Arabia

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Oct 11 2012

Fantastic, you finally got that great job in Saudi either through a recruiter or a direct hire. I can address the differences between these in a different blog post. But first and foremost congrats! The question is now what??!? If you view the Saudi Embassies page the process seems rather seamless, but don’t be fooled. The Saudi Employment visa is one of the most daunting and confusing visas to obtain in the industry. So, I will walk you through the process with the hopes of providing some clarity.


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First and foremost, you will want to make an appointment with your general physician and schedule an extensive physical examination. I highly recommend doing this ASAP as the tests are quite tedious and will require you to go to a variety of facilities. The Saudi Embassy has their own medical form and it needs to be completed in its entirety by your doctor. It is ABSOULUTELY imperative to get an HIV test and have a negative result. If for any reason, any of your results come back positive you will want to discuss this with me right away. Some things may be overlooked but others may not. It is very IMPORTANT not to lie on the form. There is strong chance in the future you may be re-evaluated by a Saudi doctor while you are in Saudi Arabia. The ramifications for a falsified form will adversely impact you and cause great great great problems. Think epically BIG problems. Lastly, on the bottom of the form it asks for the State seal of the doctor. I get a lot of questions regarding this as it is very vague. In plain words, this means to have your doctor’s office stamp the form with their office seal. This is more than sufficient and will satisfy the Embassy.

Second, you will want to contact all the Universities you have studied and graduated from. You will need sealed copies of your transcripts and copies of your degree. Please do not send in your original degree as I am sure you do not want red stamps all over your achievements. Next, if you have any experience certificates or letters please obtain these as well. This will come in handy when it comes time for salary negotiations in Saudi. You’d be surprised what one experience letter equates to on the economic scale. If you DO NOT have a college degree, the process just became much more difficult and you will need to contact me to discuss your case.

Third, contact your local police station and ask them to run a background check. The police agency will then need to give you a letter with the results they have found. It needs to be signed in ink and stamped from the police agency. You also need to not have been convicted of any crimes and if you have, it is good idea to be upfront about it. Do not get an FBI background check as the FBI takes awhile to get back to you. And do not ask the State police for a background check as they will tell you to print it out from the webpage. This will be rejected by the Embassy. It must be a letter and signed in ink.

Fourth, gather your offer letters and any/all correspondence from your Saudi host. It is very important to send in the original contract and it must be signed by all concerned parties. As far as correspondence with the Saudi host, this will come in the form of an invitation letter. There are many many different formats, but the form will be in Arabic. Generally, I advise clients to scan me anything they in Arabic as more times than not this is the document I am looking for.

Fifth, complete the application, declaration of laws, and gather four photographs. You will also want to include your resume with the documents. At this point you are done with assembling your documents and it is time to ship them to me.

Once all of the above has been completed, you will want to Fed Ex the documents to my office. Here at the office I will meticulously and scrupulously go through your documents. If all is deemed appropriate, I will attest and authenticate your degrees, certificates, and experience letters. Then I will work with the Embassy to approve your visa. The process takes between 5-10 business days

The above information should be helpful and you can always reach out to me for any of your questions or concerns.

In closing, don’t be fooled in thinking because you have a job offer from a Saudi firm that you are automatically guaranteed to be approved for your visa to Saudi Arabia. Yes, I will work very hard to get your approval and so far I have not failed anyone, but please know the Embassy has the final say so.