Saudi Arabian Attestation Part 2-Online & Distance Learning

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Sep 29 2013

My first article, Saudi Arabian Attestation Revisited, detailed the process those must follow if they’re wishing to have their degree attested by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission. But what if you’re degree is rejected, you studied online, or through distance learning? These are all valid points, which I will address.


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The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission takes a firm “we will not accept” stance on for any and all degrees, which have been gleaned through online study or distance learning. However, there are a few things one can do to increase the chances of the Mission affixing that every so crucial red stamp on your degree.

First, you will need to get a letter from your school’s registrar’s office. The letter must be sealed and on the schools letterhead. Now the contents of this letter carry a lot of weight so it is important that they send you a copy before they seal it. The contents of letter must detail each of your courses and state which ones were done online and/or distance learning. The registrar must clearly indicate that they offer the same course on site, but you choose to take it elsewhere. Furthermore, they must state that there is not a difference in requirements for the online degree/distance learning when compared to the on site degree. Quintessentially, the Mission feels that online/distance degrees are lesser than on site degrees. It is important that the registrar stresses that this is not true.

Second, you need to make sure that you studied at an accredited institution. Now to my knowledge there are a plethora of accreditations, but you want to make sure that your school is at least accredited United States Department of Education. If your school is not accredited, you can forget about this process.

Third, the degrees verify slip from the National Clearinghouse. If you’re able to get the confirmed slip from this agency, you’re only building your case. More time than not, online/distance learning degrees are not eligible to receive this confirmation. I then suggest that you contact the Clearinghouse and explain your situation. They will give you a couple of options on how to proceed.

Fourth, and probably the most important piece. Get a letter from your Saudi host. This letter must be on their letterhead, addressed to the Saudi Cultural Mission, have the company stamp, and a Chamber of Commerce Stamp. Originals are preferred, but sometimes a copy can be taken. The letter must clearly state the host understands how you got your degree and that currently it is not recognized by the Mission, however, they still want to hire you and your completely capable of performing your job. This letter will be written in Arabic so you want to make sure you work with a trusted agency to make sure its contents are spot on.

You’re now armed with crucial information on how to get that ever so important stamp on the diplomas and certificates. I hope this helps shed some light on the process and concludes are two part series. Till next time