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How to Attest Foreign Degrees for A Saudi Work Visa

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Oct 2 2013

This article continues our series on attesting degrees so you’re eligible to apply for a KSA work visa.

A lot of the KSA contractors will hire individuals whom hold US passports, but have received their education in a foreign country. Furthermore, the KSA contractors will place the Saudi Arabia work visa invitation in the USA since the client holds a USA passport. Per my other articles, USA based degrees need to be attested by the Saudi Cultural Mission in the USA. But what if your degree is from another country?


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First, you must contact your host University and ask them for a notarized diploma from the University. The University must stamp on the back of the degree OR they can include a separate paper stating that this is the actual diploma.

Second, you will need to have the diploma attested by the Foreign Ministry in your host country. Now each country has a different process, so its best to contact an agent whom specifically deals with attesting documents. This is a very important step and if the stamps are not correct, the next step cannot be completed.

Third, the degree will need to be translated from the native language into Arabic. You must work with a certified translation company whose seal is accepted by the Foreign Ministry and the KSA Embassy.

Fourth, after the above have been completed the document will be ready to submit to the KSA Embassy. Now each Embassy has a unique process on how they will take documents, but I can assure it will involve the oh so dreadful Enjaz system. After the Embassy has accepted the documents they will affix their official seal on the diploma.

You are now ready to add this diploma to the rest of your qualifications for USA based candidates. Please note, that you will not be required to work the Saudi Cultural Mission in the USA and quintessentially you have saved yourself a ton of time.