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Saudi Arabia Work Visas – The Medical

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Apr 11 2014

Howdy y’all-

Part one of our for part series discussed the intricacies and importance of the passport when apply for a Saudi Arabian Work visa. This section will highlight some of the most common questions regarding the medical test.

The KSA medical test is invasive, long, and can be costly depending on your situation and where you line in the USA. But, Travel Visa Pro has partnered with several clinics throughout the country and more times than not our rate and processing time far surpass other clinics. Contact our Saudi Department for more information.

Now, lets get to the FAQs about the KSA medical:


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How long is my Medical Report valid?

  • Medicals are valid from 6 months of issuance. It is best to be within 5 months in case there are discrepancies with the Consuls timeline. If your medical has been completed more than 6 months ago, you will need to have it redone.

What parts of the Medical Report need to be completed?

  • The KSA Medical report must be completed in its entirety. Meaning ALL boxes must have a check for negative, positive, or the specific question asked. Anything left blank will be considered an incomplete medical and returned to the client.

My doctor says that some of the exams/tests are not normally done for patients in the US.

  • Any lab results that were performed by your doctor in order to complete the report must be included with each KSA medical form. If you are missing a test, a test is positive, or the result is less than desirable we will ask for a new test.

Are there any specific lab/test results that must be included?

  • It is imperative that complete tests for:
    • Hep A, B, C
    • TB
    • HIV
    • VLDR

 What does my doctor need to complete at the bottom of the Medical Report?

  • At the bottom of the medical report, the doctor MUST:
    • Sign (Original signature required)
    • Date
    • Affix his/her office stamp, IF there is not an office stamp, a copy of his/her license must be included
  • The report DOES NOT need to go to the State Medical authority

How many copies of the Medical Report do I need to have completed?

  • You must include 3 copies of medical reports and lab results and they MUST be completed in the fashion listed above.

Can I have my medical completed outside the US?

  • No, all medical exams must be completed in the US by a US licensed doctor. International medical exams will not be accepted.

The above information should help those who are seeking or looking to ascertain a Saudi Arabian medical exam. Note, this information is valid for work and residence Saudi Arabia visas.

Stay tuned for Part 3 which will highlight the police report.