What is a Saudi Arabia invitation letter?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Jun 25 2013

One of the most important things to know about Saudi Arabia visas is that Saudi Arabia only grants visas to those with invitation letters issued from the Kingdom (with the exception of Umrah and Hajj visas). This means that there is no casual tourist visa: you must either have business there or family.

For business visits, government visits, work visits or even employment, the first step to getting your visa is to have your host in Saudi Arabia procure an invitation letter through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Every registered company and organization in KSA has an allotted number of visas, their types, validity etc. Your host company should be in contact with you and sending you a number of official documents. These documents will be, for the most part, in Arabic.  The most critical one you’ll need for applying for a visa through the United States is the invitation letter. This letter can come in many formats, so if you think you have the invitation letter, you should have a Saudi Arabia visa expert or someone who has done the Saudi visa process before (and preferably reads Arabic) to take a look at it. The invite letter contains a lot of information about where you need to apply, what kind of visa you get, how long your visa will be valid for etc. Your enjaz has to be based off this letter. This is again, another reason why having an expert assist you is very important as to avoid delays and rejections.

There are a few important facts to know about your invitation letter:

1)     It is REQUIRED to get a business, work visit, government or employment visa

2)     It is NOT the same as your visa; your passport and application still need to go to the consulate to be stamped

3)     It can take about two weeks after your host company requests it for the Saudi government to approve it

4)     The invitation should be sent electronically from Saudi to the consulate it is allotted for (Washington, New York, Houston or Los Angeles); your hard copy application, including a hard copy of the invitation letter, will be matched with the electronic files that consulate has

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