Enjazit and Applying For a Saudi Visa

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Feb 12 2013

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the most complex visa processes in all of the lands. There are many components to the Saudi Arabia visa process which need to be arranged in many different places. It is important to note Saudi Arabia can only be entered if you have received a proper and verified invitation letter. With that being said it is an arduous process to get an invitation letter which can either be hampered or helped depending on job title, company employed by, nationality, type of visa, time you apply, and what province you are applying in. But no matter what type of visa you intend to apply for or KSA Consulate you submit your documents to, you will NEED something called an Enjaz.


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What exactly is Enjaz? Enjaz refers to an electronic visa which is sent directly to the KSA Embassy listed on your invitation letter. It is important these two match. Therefore, you cannot complete an Enjaz for NYC and your visa is located in DC. It will not match in the system and your package will be returned. Furthermore, without an Enjaz payment slip, the Embassy will not process your visa. It will be immediately returned to you and they will ask you to complete an Enjaz request.

Enjaz is a small nuance which has plagued travelers to Saudi Arabia for decades.  It has been under development and was recently revamped to make it more user friendly, but as an everyday user; I can tell you it still has issues and will frustrate a novice user to no end.

There are two ways to access Enjaz; one is for private travelers who wish to give it a try themselves and the other is for registered companies whom work with the Embassy on a daily basis such as Travel Visa Pro. In part two of this blog post, I will address the benefits of using a registered agent whom is in possession of an account.

Accessing as a private citizen can be a sure way to save yourself a few dollars, gain some self accomplishment, and understand more of what you’re getting into. You can access the Enjazit site through this link: https://enjazit.com.sa/. Once on the site you will want to click the English tab to change the site into English, unless you’re fluent in Arabic, and then by all means proceed as is. You will want to click the link which says individual and enter the system. Once you have entered you will need

The first order of business is uploading your passport style picture into the picture box in the middle of the screen. Congratulations you’ve just encountered your first hurdle. The Enjaz system only takes passport style pictures which have been cropped to a certain dimension. You will need to use Photoshop or similar software to re-size your photo. Make sure you have a white background, the face is clearly visible, and you’re not wearing glasses. If you are Muslim, you are allowed to cover in your photo and the system/Embassy will accept it. The trick to the photo sizing is finding the correct range and quality.  Generally the range will fall between 3-4k and must be saved at a high quality level. Once this has been uploaded, you can take a step back and breathe a sigh of relief.

The first two sections of the form are pretty straight forward as it will ask about your nationality, passport number, date/expiration of the passport, single/married, sex, job title, religion, education, and qualification.  It is the third and fourth sections which seem to cause problems with most applicants.

As you progress through the form, the last two boxes will ask you specific questions about your invitation letter and purpose of travelling to Saudi Arabia. If you haven’t viewed your invitation letter, now would be a good time to examine it. Oh my?? It’s in Arabic!! Unless you’re able to read Arabic, have access to a translator, or your host company in Saudi was kind enough to translate the invitation letter; you’re at an impasse. Hence, this is why it becomes even more necessary to employ a registered agent, whose staff is adept at processing Saudi visas and access to fluent Arabic speakers. But for the sake of an argument let’s say the document has been translated. You will need to:

  1. Input the name of your sponsor
  2. Visa Number
  3. Address of your sponsor
  4. Phone number
  5. Consulate your visa is located
  6. Number of entries authorized
  7. Type of visa
  8. How you are entering Saudi Arabia
  9. Port of entry
  10. Purpose of visit

After this has been completed, you will now be able to submit your Enjaz application, hopefully!! The next screen will ask you to pay for the Enjaz fee. The fee is $10.50 and the system takes credit cards. Well at least it says it does…. Congratulations you have just arrived at the single most frustrating stage regarding Enjaz. Payment!!

There are two parts which must be paid in order for the application to be completed and accepted by the Embassy. You must pay the $10.50 fee and the Consular fee. It states credit cards will be accepted and it should be as simple as inputting your credit card and clicking submit. But it won’t! You will receive constant error messages showing different codes and reasons for why it will not take your payment. Before I registered our company and established an account with the Embassy, there where countless instances where I would spend hours with a plethora of cards just to make a single payment for the Enjaz. Then it would be déjà vu when making payments for the Consular fee. Therefore, I highly suggest you tune into part 2 of the blog and learn why it is just easier to work with a registered agent.