Enjazit and Applying For a Saudi Visa Part 2

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Feb 12 2013

In my first post about Enjaz, I summarized the importance of Enjaz, the process, and how private individuals can process their own Enjaz. I also discussed the use of a registered agent such as Travel Visa Pro and how they can simplify the process by making things less complicated.


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If a company is a registered agent with the Saudi Embassy, it means they have an authorized account to use for Enjaz. What is an authorized account? This refers to an agreement between the Saudi Embassy and a designated agent in the US. This allows such companies to pay Enjaz transactions by bank transfer, hence negating the painstaking Russian roulette of credit cards. Furthermore, all applications are saved on the account and can be accessed at a later date should the Embassy have any discrepancies.

By now, I am sure you’re aware the invitation letter received from Saudi Arabia is in Arabic and would be near impossible for you to personally input the data into Enjaz, but most registered agents have at least one person on their staff who is adept at Arabic. This makes for a seamless translation of the invitation and accurate completion of the Enjaz, thus consequently preventing any delays at the Embassy.

In addition, instead of completing the Enjaz in English as recommended for non-Arabic speakers, it can be completed in Arabic. This allows access to a few more questions which cannot be found on the English version and can only further support your case. Lastly, I will give you an insider tip, when the Embassy receives applications at the window; they’re sorted into a variety of categories. But one of these categories is based on whether or not the Enjaz has been completed English or Arabic. Priority is given to ones completed in Arabic as they may not have personnel available to go through the English version.

In conclusion, it is safe to assume that it is worth your money and peace of mind to work with a registered agent to process your Saudi visas. The fruits it will bear are much more beneficial than having your visa rejected, money and time wasted