Saudi Arabia Transit Visa: when is a visa on arrival not an option?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Jan 24 2013

If you have a layover in any Saudi Arabian airport for 18-72 hours or are planning to travel through KSA on your way to another country, you will need a Saudi Arabia transit visa.  Furthermore, you will need to apply for Saudi Arabia visa before your trip as transit visas are not issued at the airport. You can apply online on our website.


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To get this process started, you must submit the following:

1)      A valid passport

2)      If not a citizen of the United States (or wherever you are applying from) then a copy of a green card or visa that gives you legal status in that country

3)      One recent passport style photograph

4)      A Saudi visa questionnaire filled out and signed

5)      Declaration of Saudi Laws, signed

6)      Confirmed ticket or itinerary showing your layover.  If you are going in by land, you will need a letter detailing your trip including the ports of entry and exit.

7)      Proof that applicant can legally enter the country of destination after KSA (a visa, residency card, passport etc.)

You will also need Enjaz completed and paid for online.  Many clients have problems paying for their Enjaz or filling it out.  Travel Visa Pro does this for you and includes the price of the Enjaz in the service price.

Be warned that if you overstay your transit visa you will be charged roughly $750 per day you have overstayed!

Women travelling alone are not eligible for transit visas.  If women are travelling with a male guardian, they will need to submit a copy of marriage or birth certificate upon applying for the visa.  Birth certificates must also be provided for children who must be travelling with their legal parents.

One final caveat: Saudi Arabia DO NOT issue transit visas for travelers going through Jeddah during Umrah and Hajj season!!!  If you were hoping to do Hajj or Umrah on a transit visa while on a layover in Jeddah, simply do not.  Not only will they not issue your visa and you will waste time and money, but entry into Mecca and Medina is illegal when on a transit visa.  You must apply for a Hajj or Umrah visa.