How much does it cost to apply for a passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Jun 5 2018

If you’re getting your US passport for the first time or taking the time to renew one for another ten years before it expires, good for you! You’re one of millions of Americans holding this coveted travel document, and you might as well take advantage of the opportunities it affords. US citizens can travel to 174 countries without any kind of visa, and can easily access others if they take the time to apply for one at a foreign embassy or consulate.

However, when it comes time to fly, it never pays to leave everything until the last minute. Just as the difference between booking a flight the day prior to departure and a few months before can be significant, so too can putting off applying for your passport. If you know you’ll be flying internationally in the near or distant future, taking the time to make sure all your travel documents are in order can be a massive money saver. This isn’t always possible with business trips and unexpected circumstances, but here are some of the costs you can expect when you decide to apply for a US passport.


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How much does it cost to apply for a passport?


If you’re in a rush but happen to live in a city with a regional passport agency controlled by the US State Department, you can make an appointment and expect to have your application processed in a few weeks. Renewing for or applying for a passport costs $110 for the application, plus an additional $35 execution fee. However, certain restrictions apply for travelers wishing to get an expedited passport in person, and you can contact Travel Visa Pro if you have any questions.

By far the cheapest way to renew a passport is to check your individual requirements with the US Department of State and send in all the necessary documents through the mail. With this method, travelers only have to pay the $110 processing fee, but even if no applications are returned due to missing information, the completed passport can take several weeks to get back to you. Applying by mail may allow you to renew your passport from the comfort of home, but Travel Visa Pro can also process your application if you choose to send your application in to one of our offices.


Cost of Expedited Passport Applications


The $110 fees and additional fees mentioned above are for standard processing times, i.e. several weeks by mail and a few weeks in person. Regional passport agencies typically handle applications for upcoming and emergency travel, and so can charge an additional $60 fee for expedited processing. Your passport will be ready in a few days, and sometimes less if you’re lucky.




What if I need my passport earlier than that?


If you’re desperate to have your application processed within the same business day, the team of travel experts at Travel Visa Pro can do this with our Emergency Service for $599. This guarantees that if your application is in the hands of one of our travel professionals with an appointment at the beginning of the business day, you will receive a passport renewal or your first-time passport by the end and sleep well knowing your paperwork is in order.

Even if there’s not that much of a rush, regional passport agencies require appointments and are dependent on the number of applications being handled. As a result, what might take two days to process in January can reach into weeks in June. Travel Visa Pro can process passports at any time of year by the next business day for $429 with our Next Day Service, and $299 in three to five business days with our Urgent Passport Service. Rush Passport Service guarantees your application will be processed within 6-10 business days for $199. Standard Passport processing services cost $149 to deliver your book within 10-15 business days, and $99 with TVP’s Budget Passport service for 15-20 days.

The bottom line is: don’t wait until the last minute when it comes time to get a new passport or renew your old one. However, sometimes these things are unavoidable, and Travel Visa Pro is ready to help get your travel documents in order.

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