Indian Visa Processing Time

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Sep 7 2017

For US citizens looking to visit India, then a Tourist Visa is a must-have requirement for your trip. You will need to be organized for this as it is not possible for US citizens to purchase a visa on arrival as is the case in many other Asian countries. Instead you will have to make your visa arrangements ahead of travel or you risk not being allowed into the country!

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Fortunately, you can apply for an electronic Tourist Visa for India, this is the easiest and quickest way to ensure that you have a valid visa to enter the country. If you are planning on staying in India for less than 60 days then you are eligible to apply for an electronic visa. You will have to apply at least four working days before you plan to travel as it can take several days for the visa to be processed and to show up on the system. Approved visas will usually be emailed to you within 72 hours of applying and all you will need to do then is print off the email and you are ready to explore India!

Although you can apply for an Indian Tourist Visa just four days before your date of travel, it is highly recommended that you begin the application process three or four weeks before your departure if possible! This is because delays are very common and this timeframe will guarantee that the visa is approved in time and you’ll be all set to travel. If you have already booked your trip then it is always best to complete the visa application as early as possible just to avoid any possible issues and save yourself from a great deal of stress later on! You can apply for a Tourist Visa to India up to 120 days in advance. Due to demand, some Indian Consulates in the US experience longer processing times than others and usually highlight the current waiting time so it is always best to check the website before you apply. A list of Indian Consulates in the US can be found here.

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If you manage to lose your passport (with the visa electronically linked to it) then you will need to apply for a replacement passport and you may also have to re-order the indian visa as tourists are required to show it when they are exiting the country. This process also takes three or four business days so you are advised to start as soon as possible to avoid any complications when you are crossing the border. Travel Visa Pro can arrange a Tourist Visa for US citizens to visit India, this hassle-free service will take care of your visa application ensuring it arrives in time and leaving you to focus on the fun aspects of planning a trip such as deciding on a route and researching dining options!